Terms and Conditions

We SAGOR RNET-A-CAR generally render Corporate client service, for private service rendering client needs to supply satisfying amount references for security purpose. Thus, we do not serve everyone. Please, come with adequate references if you want we serve you!

  • All prices are excluding VAT & TAXes.
  • Driver overtime @Tk. 40.00 per hour after gerneral working hours everyday.
  • For Monthly rent, all Govt. holidays will be considered as Driver Holiday, if Driver work in those days, full day Overtime will be counted.
  • Out Station Allowance @Tk. 700.00 to Tk. 1,200.00. If company provides Food and Accommodation, then Tk. 250.00 to 500.00.
  • Driver Lunch Tk. 100.00 to Tk. 150.00.
  • Discontinuation notice must be submitted prior 1 month.
  • Payment (for monthly, yearly contract) must be made to Service provider witn in 15 days after month service end.
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